• Specialists in securing media exposure for your brand

  • Radio broadcasting in tune with millions

  • Engaging surveys to back up your story through our sister company 3GEM Research

3GEM Media is the broadcast and PR division of 3GEM Media Group. We specialise in placing editorial messaging for clients on print, online media, as well as on radio and TV. The division is managed by one of the most experienced PR Consultants in the UK with over 15 years' experience.

In fact all of the 3GEM Media team are experienced PR consultants (not hard salespeople). All of us are here to advise and assist with clients' PR needs and requirements.

We also understand the ever changing PR media landscape and what journalists/broadcasters want and more importantly, don't want!

  • Broadcasting Print and Digital Media Exposure

    Our broadcast PR offering includes the following:

    Broadcast Days: Down the line head to head radio interviews secured on national, commercial, regional and local BBC stations across the UK.

    Live Outside Broadcasts: Want us to bring the studio to you? Head to head interviews managed from anywhere in the UK or globally!

    Online Video Production and Placement: B2C and B2B online video production. From simple talking head videos to narrative lifestyle engaging content. Production and distribution of B-roll footage.

    Online Editorial: From HD streaming of live events to ‘round table’ style studio based debate shows.

    Editorial TV Placement: Setting up editorial opportunities on daytime TV and evening sofa programmes.

  • Broadcasting Print and Digital Media Exposure

    Why Video?

    The answer here is fairly obvious as most brands are already incorporating visual messaging as part of their marketing/PR mix. The question that is being asked though is how brands create 'sticky' engaging content that consumers will remember and ultimately share. This is where we come in. Our in-house experienced brand content team will offer solutions that will visually get your brand noticed. Our brief goes beyond just a pure production one as well. We have an eye on what your target audience will want to watch. So once you've approved the content, our media team connect with our online media contacts with a view to place your video on third party websites. We handle all kinds of video projects, B2B or B2C from script to screen!

  • Broadcasting Print and Digital Media Exposure

    Why Radio?

    When you take a close look at all media channels available to consumers and brands, there really is only one that is in tune with our everyday lives - radio. Radio is the most natural form of communication. Consumers trust and believe what they hear on the radio. The loyalty with radio listeners is second to none, especially on local and regional levels. Listeners treat their radio as a 'friend'. They rely on their 'friend' to keep them up to date with local events and issues whilst having a 'relationship' with their presenter or presenters of choice. All these factors contribute to giving the medium a truly effective communication tool for brands to engage consumers in the most natural way.


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